Shenzhen Houshuxia Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2020. The company has always taken the user experience as the core and supported by an excellent supply chain. lt integrates design, research and development, production and sales. lts products include charging, audio,cables, holders, in-car, intelligent electronics, etc. All products achieve full online and offline coverage through global e-commerce websites and global trade channels Since the beginning of the brand's establishment, it has been boldly innovating in product research, development and design, polishing every detail of the product with the spirit of craftsmanship, and pursuing the ultimate customer experience and artistic life texture.

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Through understanding consumer needs for a better digital life, new technologies, new materials and the founder's extraordinary artistic sensibility come together to create bold and interesting transparent designs.

The transparent aesthetic that can be felt in the design of ACEFAST products is courage and self-confidence,freedom and enjoyment. Each developed product is not only self-expression, but also an opportunity for consumers to get unlimited pleasure from inspiration.

The crystal clear and colorful transparent design reveals a full sense of luxury. Transparent aesthetics is not only about digital products, but also the texture of artistic life.


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Unlimited vision and transparent aesthetics, we explore the futuretogether with you, enjoy a new beautiful digital life.
The pursuit of special details is endless and creates unrivaled experiences and life surprises that are within reach and exceed consumer expectations
We continue to explore, actively create and shape the new future of the 3C digital industry with a constant stream of creative inspiration and cutting-edge aesthetic concepts.
We look to the future and encourage bold self-expression. Through unique and original creativity, we free the heart of everyone, egardless of age, background, condition, life, to help find and realize their own beautiful new life

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