ACEFAST Z4 PD218W GaN: Multi-Port Charging Hub For Efficient Power

Τιμή πώλησης$75.99 Κανονική τιμή$199.00
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Specifications: US

Output Modes: Single-button operation with four charging modes

  • C1: 3.3-21V 5A (PPS) 5V3A/9V3A/12V3A/15V3A/20V5A (100W Max)
  • C2: 3.3-11V 5A (PPS) 5V3A/9V3A/12V3A/15V3A/20V3.25A (65W Max)
  • C3: 3.3-11V 3A (PPS) 5V3A/9V3A/12V2.5A/15V2A/20V1.5A (30W Max)
  • A1: 5V3A/9V2A/12V1.5A (18W Max)
  • Total Output Power: 213W Max

Four Charging Modes: Powerful and flexible, matching the maximum power needs of different devices for faster and more versatile charging.

Four operational modes with power output cycling through A, B, C, and D modes with a single button click; double-click to enter standby mode.

1.3-inch TFT color screen displays voltage, power status, working mode, and adjusts screen brightness automatically based on environmental conditions.

Protocol Support: C1/C2/C3: PD3.0, Apple2.4A, DCP, AFC, FCP, SCP, QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4+, PPS, Samsung5V2A; A1: Apple2.4A, DCP, AFC, FCP, QC2.0, QC3.0, Samsung5V2A.

Flame-retardant PC material, sturdy, durable, and equipped with multiple circuit protections.

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